Pink Plastic Bin Bags – laying around

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As you may be aware the District Council has been supporting residents who want to pick up litter and this has significantly increased in the last year since lockdown. We provide pink bags and can loan litter pickers and then take away bags full of litter. The bags we provide are pink so we know they are from a litter picker and not fly tipping. But as the numbers of pink bags has increased some of these have mistakenly been reported as fly tipping by the public. So I would like to raise awareness of this in the towns and villages where these litter picks are taking place and I thought the town and parish councils would be a good place to start. I have attached an article which I would be grateful if you could put it on your facebook page, website, parish newsletters, notice boards or however to get information across to your communities. However if the pink bags have been sitting there for a while please report it to me as occasionally the litter picker forgets to inform us.

Please contact Mark Wakeman: