Minutes May 2020

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Clerk: Mrs A J Fox

Derwent Cottage, Calver Bridge, Calver, Hope Valley S32 3XA

Telephone: 01433 631689

Email: angelafox@btinternet.com





Present:          Cllr D Windle (Chairman), Cllr R Akeroyd, Cllr C Harrison, Cllr R Spinks,

Cllr B Taft, Cllr A Sutton & Cllr J Twigg (for first part of meeting),

Mrs A Fox (Clerk)


49.20               Apologies for Absence: Cllr V Sidery, Cllr T Williams, Cllr A Hill,

Cllr M Wakeman


50.20               Declaration of Members’ Interests: None


51.20               To receive and approve requests for dispensations from members on matters in which they have a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest: None


52.20               Public Participation: Cllr Sutton reported that the Bakewell pay and display car parks were due to open on 16th/17th May and that shops may open on 1st June. Cllr Twigg reported that the Darley Dale recycling centre was due to open on 18th May, with restrictions.


53.20               Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held 16th April 2020: The minutes were proposed by Cllr Spinks as a true record and seconded by Cllr Harrison. They will be signed by the Chairman at the next available meeting.


54.20               Confidentiality: None


55.20               Items reported by the Clerk:


92.17 1)           Public Conveniences:


  1. a) Closure: It was agreed that the conveniences should remain closed until further notice.


  1. b) Water Plus Invoice: DDDC had agreed to pay an initial sum of £3,000.00 towards the outstanding invoice of £6,480.19. It had been established that there are 2 separate meters for the conveniences in separate locations; Cllrs Taft and Harrison agreed to investigate and to report back, following which a response will be sent to DCC.


  1. c) Total – Meter Reading: Cllr Taft agreed to provide the latest reading.


32.19 2)           Roundabout in Hall Orchard: It was agreed that a claim would be made on the insurance for the roundabout repair.


32.19 4)           Dog signs in Hall Orchard, Sign on Hall Orchard Gate and other signs: Ongoing.



16.20 2)           Culvert at Highfields: Meeting on hold.


121.19 1)         Usage of Telephone Kiosk: Suggestions for use of the kiosk will be discussed at the next available meeting.


20.20 3)           Damaged Picnic Table in Hall Orchard: Repair ongoing.


31.20 1)           Renewal of Insurance Policy: Two quotations had been received:


BHIB:             £813.46 for a 3-year locked-in period


Zurich:             £673.52 for a one year period

                        £641.18 for a 3-year period


It was decided that the Zurich quotation would be accepted with the quotation of £641.18 for the 3-year locked-in period.


31.20 2)           Audit of 2019/20 parish council accounts: Mr John Foster of Allen West & Foster had agreed to undertake the audit of the parish council accounts.


43.20 1)           Email from DCC re Rights of Way Scheme 2020/21: An application has been submitted.


55.20 1)           Band Concert 14th June: Cancelled.


55.20 2)           Small Business Rate Relief Grant: Application will be made.


56.20               Items raised by Members:


56.20 1)           Seat near Sheepwash Bridge: It was agreed that the memorial bench dedicated to the late Mr Harold Preater outside the Riverside Hotel had fallen into significant disrepair and requires removal. Cllr Taft agreed to take a photograph of the seat and remove the plaque, before asking Phil Riley to remove it.


56.20 2)           Ornamental Flower Bed: It was agreed that £100 could be spent on flowers.


56.20 3)           Ivy near Hall Orchard Wall: now removed.


56.20 4)           Bungalows behind the Church – grass requires cutting: This grass should be cut by Waterloo Housing. Phil Riley had agreed to cut it for £30 and it was agreed that he would be asked to proceed.


56.20 5)           Drains on Court Lane: The Clerk was requested to contact Cllrs Twigg and Wakeman regarding these blocked drains.


56.20 6)           Dog waste bags thrown into churchyard: Situation to be monitored.


57.20               Planning Matters: None

 58.20               Financial Matters


Bank Balances Noted:          

1)         Business Reserve Account:                                                         £29,797.21

Current Account:                                                                               £250.00

           2) to approve payments of accounts: 

  1. a)   Insurance renewal – Zurich                            £641.18
  2.  )   DDDC – burial ground rates £140.36


3)   to acknowledge receipt of payments:


  1. a)   DDDC – precept £17,740.00
  2. b)   DCC – footpath reimbursement £430.00


59.20            Correspondence: None


60.20   Date of Next Meeting: The next meeting will take place via Zoom on Thursday 11th June at 7.00 pm.