Minutes July 2017

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Clerk: Mrs A J Fox

Derwent Cottage, Calver Bridge, Calver, Hope Valley S32 3XA

Telephone: 01433 631689

Email: angelafox@btinternet.com





Present:          Cllr D Windle, Cllr R Akeroyd, Cllr V Sidery, Cllr R Spinks, Cllr B Taft,

Cllr T Williams, Cllr J Twigg, Mrs A Fox (Clerk)


74.17               Apologies for Absence: Cllr R McGoverne, Cllr H Froggatt, Cllr A Hill,

Cllr H Tillbrook


75.17               Declaration of Members’ Interests: None


76.17               To receive and approve requests for dispensations from members on matters in which they have a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest: None


77.17               Public Participation: The first part of the meeting was attended by Sandra Lamb of DDDC in order to discuss the future of the public conveniences as follows:


1) The options for the conveniences are as follows:


  1. a) Closure
  2. b) Charging
  3. c) Passing on
  4. d) Sponsorship
  5. e) Community toilet scheme


Mrs Lamb reported that the costs of Ashford conveniences (based on 2/15/16 costs) amount to £2,299.26 (to include electricity, water and business rates).  If the conveniences were to be taken over by the parish council, there would be a £3,000 contribution.


Mrs Lamb also reported that a person counting/usage survey would be undertaken by DDDC in order to assess the usage.  The parish council stressed their view that the conveniences are a necessary and important village facility for the many walkers and tourists who visit Ashford each week.


The parish councillors asked if DDDC would consider waiving the business rate as this would enable the parish council to maintain the conveniences without the necessity to increase the current parish precept.  Mrs Lamb agreed to look into this, particularly as the parish council felt the imposition of the business rates may render the project unsustainable.


The parish council confirmed to Mrs Lamb that they would not be interested in maintaining the Monsal Head conveniences.


Mrs Lamb agreed to make enquiries about the business rate and to inform the parish council of the outcome.  Further discussion would then be arranged.


Cllr Twigg reported that she had been informed by Severn Trent and DCC that the drain on Shady Lane had been repaired.


It was also reported that the hedge was overgrowing the footpath on the A6020 from Ashford towards Longstone.  Cllr Twigg agreed to action this.


78.17               Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held 22nd June 2017: The minutes were proposed by Cllr Williams as a true record, seconded by Cllr Spinks and signed by the Chairman.


79.17               Confidentiality: None


80.17               Items reported by the Clerk:


125.16 3)         Provision of Storage Bins for sand and supply of sand: Cllr Taft reported that the bins are now in place at Court Lane car park and Highfields.  Each is filled with sand and each has a shovel.


31.17 1)           External Auditor Report for 2016/17 Accounts: An issue had been raised by the auditor regarding the date on which the notice of accounts had been published, and which should have been after the parish council meeting rather than before.  This issue will be addressed next year when publishing notice of the 2017/18 accounts.


32.17 5)           Relocation of Flood Trailer to the Institute: This will take place soon.


42.17. 1)          Website: The Clerk reported that an advertisement will appear in the forthcoming issue of the Peak Advertiser.


56.17 2)           Band Concert: It was confirmed that the 2018 band concert date would be Sunday 3rd June 2018.  The Clerk was requested to book Matlock Band.


57.17 2)           The School House: The Chairman had trimmed this hedge.  Derby Diocesan Board of Education confirmed that they are also looking into this matter.


57.17 3)           Sheepwash Bridge and Footpaths: It was confirmed that Chris Whitham and Phil Riley are undertaking the footpath work.  Cllr Terry Williams will be undertaking the masonry repairs to the Sheepwash Bridge.  Cllr Taft agreed to ask Phil Riley to look at the trees which are growing out of the wall.


69.17 3)           Trees in Churchyard: Work completed.  It was confirmed that Earl Yeomans would be undertaking his tree work in the churchyard in October.


69.17 6)           Seat: Hall Orchard: It was agreed that Barrie Marsden would be asked for his opinion and estimate of cost of repair.  The parish council would then make a decision whether to repair or replace.


69.17 1)           Base for Christmas Tree: The Clerk was requested to contact Cox Builders of Great Longstone to arrange a site meeting with the Chairman.  Cllr Williams also agreed to obtain a quotation.






80.17 1)           Email from Mrs Knowles re Commemorative Plaque on Bench overlooking the river: The Clerk was requested to respond stating that this bench is owned by a parishioner but that Mrs Knowles would be welcome to donate a bench to be located elsewhere in the village and the parish council would suggest a picnic-style bench in the Hall Orchard.Â


81.17               Items reported by Members:


81.17 1)           Security Fencing in Hall Orchard in connection with work at neighbouring property: The Clerk was requested to contact the Planning Officer at PDNPA who had dealt with the application for No 4 Court Lane, asking when the security fencing is likely to be removed as it is preventing our contractor from gaining access to the Hall Orchard for mowing.  The area must also be returned to its original condition so as not to cause damage to the contractor’s equipment.


82.17               Planning Matters:


1)                     Decision NP/DDD/0417/0386: Mill House – Granted subject to conditions.


83.17               Financial Matters


Bank Balances Noted:         Â

1)         Business Reserve Account:                                                           £26,461.44

Current Account:                                                                               £250.00


  • To approve payments:
  1. Jayne Taft                                                                            £410.00
  2. Calver Sough Nurseries                                                         £80.00
  3. Woods Plant Hire (bunkers and sand)                                 £560.72
  4. Matlock Band                                                                      £280.00
  5. Pigeon Tech (website hosting)                                               £68.00
  6.          FTC Estate Maintenance (tree work)                          £350.00
  7. DDDC – wheeled bin                                                          £104.00
  8. Ashford Old School Community Rooms (room hire)           £70.00         Â
  9.   Chemodex                                                                          £144.00         Â


3)   to acknowledge receipt of payments:

a)   Bull’s Head re conveniences                                                £716.00


84.17            Correspondence:


84.17            1) Anonymous Letter re Wells Dressing and Christmas Tree: Letter noted but no action taken as letter anonymous.


85.17   Date of Next Meeting: The next parish council meeting will be held on Thursday 31st August at 7.30 pm in Ashford School Rooms.