Minutes February 2019

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Clerk: Mrs A J Fox

Derwent Cottage, Calver Bridge, Calver, Hope Valley S32 3XA

Telephone: 01433 631689

Email: angelafox@btinternet.com





Present:          Cllr D Windle, Cllr R McGoverne, Cllr V Sidery, Cllr R Spinks, Cllr B Taft,

Cllr T Williams, Mrs A Fox (Clerk),

Mr Christopher Harrison


13.19               Apologies for Absence: Cllr R Akeroyd, Cllr A Hill, Cllr P Tilbrook


14.19               Declaration of Members’ Interests: None


15.19               To receive and approve requests for dispensations from members on matters in which they have a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest: None


16.19               Public Participation: Mr Christopher Harrison reported on his continued updating of the parish council website.


17.19               Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held 24th January 2019: The minutes were proposed by Cllr Williams as a true record, seconded by Cllr Sidery and signed by the Chairman.


18.19               Confidentiality: None


19.19               Items reported by the Clerk:


92.17 1)           Public Conveniences: Transfer now completed. A final reading of the electricity meter had been forwarded to DDDC.


105.17 1)         Sports Equipment for Hall Orchard: Ongoing. To be reviewed in the spring.


126.18 c)         Hedge on A6: Report awaited from Cllr Twigg.


126.18 d)         Ashford Sign: Report awaited from Cllr Twigg.


126.18 f)         Bins left on Footway: It was reported that in most cases refuse bins had now been removed from footways.

57.18 2)           Parish Council Insurance – Flood Trailer: An email had been received from the insurance company stating that original invoices of the items could be forwarded to them and they will try to validate and provide a reasonable settlement offer on these items to help process the claim. However, if the parish council wish to provide them with replacement quotes alongside the originals, then that is also welcome. It was agreed that the original invoices would be forwarded and that a subsequent Flood Committee meeting would be arranged to decide on equipment required.





82.18 1)           Repairs to Playground Equipment: Completed and invoice awaited.


93.18 4)           Christmas Trees: The contribution of £130.00 is still awaited from the War Memorial Institute. The Clerk agreed to pursue this.


130.18 1)         Wall between Hall Orchard and The Gables: To be inspected by the parish council to in order to decide on the repair work required.


07.19 1)           Request for Memorial Bench: The boundary wall of the Riverside Hotel had been agreed by the family as a suitable location. The parish council suggested that a ground anchor device would also be desirable. The Chairman agreed to meet the family on site to decide on the exact location of the bench.


07.19 3)           Parish Council Elections: The timetable and procedure for the forthcoming parish council elections was discussed.


07.19 4)           Parish Precept 2019/20: A precept of £16,915.00 had been submitted for 2019/20.


20.19               Items reported by Members:


08.19 1)           Unsightly Wooden Panels – Enquiries ongoing.


20.19 1)           Signs on A6: Cllr McGoverne reported that signs advertising the YNot Festival had already been erected on the A6 when the Festival was not due to take place until July. It was agreed that 5 months prior to the event was too soon to be erecting such signs and the Clerk was requested to report the matter to Cllr Twigg.


21.19               Planning Matters:


1) Application – NP/DDD/0119/0064 –4 Court Lane – Variation of Conditions 2 and 3: The parish council has no objection to this application


2) Application – NP/DDD/0119/0077 –Great Batch –Listed Building Consent for internal and external alterations: The parish council has no objection to this application.


3) Decision – NP/DDD/1118/1072 and NP/DDD/1118/1073 – The Candle House: Refused.


22.19               Financial Matters


Bank Balances Noted:

1)         Business Reserve Account:                                                         £23,442.76

Current Account:                                                                               £250.00


2) to approve payments of accounts:

  1. Jayne Taft             £360.00




3)   to acknowledge receipt of payments:


  1. a) Mettams – interment re the late Mrs Jeanne Rodgers £50.00
  2. b) The Bull’s Head re conveniences £343.00


23.19            Correspondence:


23.19 a)         Donation request from Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre: To be considered later in the year at the time of finalising the 2020/21 precept.


23.19 b)         Ashford School: The Chairman informed the parish council that the School would most probably not be available for meetings after June 2019. The Clerk was requested to obtain details of costs and availability of the War Memorial Institute as a possible future venue for parish council meetings.


24.19   Date of Next Meeting: The next parish council meeting will be held on Thursday 28th March 2019 at 7.30 pm in Ashford School.