Minutes February 2018

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Clerk: Mrs A J Fox

Derwent Cottage, Calver Bridge, Calver, Hope Valley S32 3XA

Telephone: 01433 631689

Email: angelafox@btinternet.com





Present:          Cllr D Windle, Cllr V Sidery, Cllr R Spinks, Cllr B Taft, Cllr A Hill,

Cllr P Tillbrook and Mrs A Fox (Clerk)


13.18               Apologies for Absence: Cllr R Akeroyd, Cllr R McGoverne, Cllr T Williams,

Cllr H Froggatt, Cllr J Twigg


14.18               Declaration of Members’ Interests: None


15.18               To receive and approve requests for dispensations from members on matters in which they have a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest: None


16.18               Public Participation: Cllr A Hill agreed to provide the parish council with details of the Local Projects Fund.


17.18               Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held 18th January 2018: The minutes were proposed by Cllr Sidery as a true record, seconded by Cllr Spinks and signed by the Chairman.


18.18               Confidentiality: None


19.18               Items reported by the Clerk:


92.17 1)           Public Conveniences: The DDDC had been informed that the parish council had accepted their revised offer and further information is now awaited from the DDDC.


101.17 1)         Website: Cllr Sidery reported she had been in contact with Jade van Konijnenburg, who was unsure whether she would be able to undertake the maintenance of the website.   To be discussed again at the next meeting.


57.17 3)           Sheepwash Bridge and Footpaths: The Clerk was requested to email Phil Riley to remind him that the deadline for submission of the footpath reimbursement is end March.


93.17 2)           Repairs to Car Park Boundary Wall (Hall Orchard): Ongoing.


07.18 1)           Parish Precept: As agreed at the last meeting, a precept of £15,700.00 had been submitted.


116.17 3)         Allotment: The Clerk had contacted Mr Roy Davison who had expressed an interest in the vacant allotment.  It was agreed that the allotment rental should remain at £10.


105.17 1)         Sports Equipment for Hall Orchard: Cllr Taft agreed to produce some costings so that an application could be made to the Local Projects Fund (see item 16.18 above).

141.17 1)         Tree and hedge at Old Baslow Road: DCC had inspected the sycamore tree and no works are proposed at the present time.  A quotation of £350.00 had been received from Phil Riley for cutting the hedge and had been accepted.


141.17 2)         Commemoration of Armistice Day 2018: Cllr Sidery reported that she had been unable to attend the Institute Meeting on 30th January due to illness, but she agreed to liaise with Mrs Williams.


08.18 1)           Christmas Tree: The Clerk was requested to email Mr John Everitt of Chatsworth to request a discount for the next Christmas tree, given that Ashford is a former Chatsworth village.


20.18               Items reported by Members:


20.18 1)           No 4 Court Lane: The Clerk was requested to write to Mr Piper of 4 Court Lane requesting that the car parking spaces are reinstated by Easter.


21.18               Planning Matters:


1) Retrospective Application: Trinity Cottage – Permission for Verandah: Ashford in the Water Parish Council totally disagree with retrospective planning applications and are very disappointed that the correct procedures were not followed.  If this application is approved, could a condition be made that the structure be less conspicuous as it is in a prominent position in the conservation area and is not in keeping with the character of the village.


2) Application: Ashford Hall – Erection of Agricultural Buildings: The parish council has no objection to this application.


22.18               Financial Matters


Bank Balances Noted:


1)         Business Reserve Account:                                                           £14,530.56

Current Account:                                                                               £250.00


  • To approve payments:


  1. Jayne Taft                                                              £280.00


3)   to acknowledge receipt of payments: None


  1. a) Mettams re Mr Peter Shaw £550.00
  2. b) Mettams re Mr David Leslie Doxey              £550.00


23.18            Correspondence:


1) Letter from DDDC re Area Community Forums


24.18   Date of Next Meeting: The next parish council meeting will be held on

Thursday 22nd March 2018 at 7.30 pm in Ashford School Rooms.