Minutes December 2020

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Clerk: Mrs A J Fox

Derwent Cottage, Calver Bridge, Calver, Hope Valley S32 3XA

Telephone: 01433 631689

Email: angelafox@btinternet.com





Present:          Cllr D Windle (Chairman); Cllr R Akeroyd; Cllr C Harrison; Cllr V Sidery;

Cllr R Spinks; Cllr B Taft; Cllr T Williams; Mrs A Fox (Clerk)


133.20             Apologies for Absence: District Cllrs Alyson Hill & Mark Wakeman;

Cty Cllr Judith Twigg


134.20             Declaration of Members’ Interests: None


135.20             To receive and approve requests for dispensations from members on matters in which they have a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest: None


136.20             Public Participation: None


137.20             Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held 12th November 2020: The minutes were proposed by Cllr Taft as a true record, seconded by Cllr Akeroyd and signed by the Chairman.


138.20             Confidentiality: None


139.20             Items reported by the Clerk:


91.20 1)           Public Conveniences:

91.20 1 a)        Smart Meters: Water Plus had carried out a site visit on 27 11 20. They had been unable to install a new meter but had cleared the chamber to facilitate meter reading. The Clerk was instructed to ask Water Plus to read the meter from now onwards as it is located in the roadway.

91.20 1 b)        General: The Clerk was requested to contact Cllr Wakeman to see whether a further top up grant would be available regarding the conveniences. Work is ongoing with the plumber and electrician. Cllr Taft reported that the honesty box takings had been reduced due to the inclement weather.


91.20 2)           Play Area:

91.20 2            a) Repair Work: Some painting work is still awaited and will be completed in the spring.

  1. b) Playground Inspection: To be carried out by Kompan in early 2021.


32.19 4)           Dog signs in Hall Orchard and other signs: The Derbyshire Dales signs are awaited.


16.20 2)           Culvert/Flood Channel at Highfields: Cllr Twigg had agreed to arrange a site meeting: ongoing.


103.20 2)         Speed Awareness Day: Cllr Sutton is arranging this.


92.20 2)           Wall near conveniences requiring repair: Cllr Taft agreed to contact EAL Services to ask them to proceed with the repair work, at their quoted price of £1,750.00.


115.20 1)         Village Signs: To be painted in the spring.


115.20 2)         Benches: Repair work ongoing.


104.20 2)         Boundary Wall and Trees, Riverside Hotel: A letter and 2 emails had been sent to the Riverside Hotel.


104.20 4)         Christmas Tree: The Christmas tree had been successfully erected.


115.20 6)         Grass Mowing Quotations for 2021/22: It was agreed that the quotation of £5,850.00 from Phil Riley would be accepted. The Clerk was requested to inform him.


116.20 1)         Maintenance to Pump Shelters: A response is still awaited from Hassop Joinery. Cllr Taft agreed to contact Brocklehurst Property Services to request a quotation, after having arranged a site meeting with Cllr Windle who will explain to them the work required. It was also agreed that the cast iron railings outside the Old School require some attention. The Clerk was asked to include this as an agenda item for the next meeting.


116.20 2)         Listing of Wells and Enclosures/Shelters: A response had been received from Historic England stating that the application did not meet the statutory criteria for listing. It was therefore decided to review this in the future.


116.20 3)         Amendment of Cemetery Rules with regard to Planting on Graves: Ongoing.


116.20 4)         Wayleave Payments: The Clerk had submitted the application.


127.20 3)         Replacement Street Lighting in Ashford: It was reported that some lights have already been replaced.


128.20 1)         Speed of Traffic in Ashford Lane: Cllr Twigg is investigating this.


128.20 2)         Overgrown Bush at top of Fennel Street: The bush has now been cut back.


139.20 1)         Email from DDDC re Public Space Protection Order: Hall Orchard: It was agreed that this would be continued and that appropriate signage would also be necessary.


140.20             Items raised by Members:


140.20 1)         Telephone Box Usage: Cllr Harrison suggested the decommissioned telephone box could be used for an Ashford history exhibition. To be discussed again at next meeting.


140.20 2)         Communications with Sarah Dines MP: The Chairman reported having received a phone call from Sarah Dines’ office asking to be kept informed of any problems arising in Ashford as she wished to provide assistance where possible. Cllr Windle had mentioned both the street lighting and the drainage channel at Highfields.


140.20 3)         Vicarage Lane: Clearage of Leaves: Cllr Wakeman had arranged for this to be swept. The Clerk was asked to request a copy of DDDC’s current schedule for street cleaning in Ashford.


140.20 4)         Memorial Benches: It was reported that an original memorial bench had been removed and replaced with another bench, which is not in keeping with the other benches and is not suitable for public use. The Clerk was requested to contact the owner of the bench regarding this. It was also agreed that the parish council would produce details of a standard bench to be offered as a guide for future memorial bench requests. This item will be included on the January agenda.


141.20             Planning Matters:

1) Application – NP/DDD/0920/0810: Churchdale Hall, Ashford In The Water,

Development Description – Listed Building consent – Conversion of existing laundry into ancillary domestic accommodation: The parish council has no objection to this application.


142.20             Financial Matters


Bank Balances Noted:          

1)         Business Reserve Account:                                                         £27,895.73

Current Account:                                                                               £250.00


           2) to approve payments of accounts:


  1. to approve payments of accounts:
  2. a)   Conveniences – cleaning £260.00
  3. b)   Chemodex £35.04
  4. c)   Chris Harrison – reimbursement for Xmas tree box £16.99
  5. e)   Clerk’s salary for 3 month period £780.00
  6. e)   Clerk’s expenses for 3 month period – to be advised £156.15               
  7. f)   HMRC (tax on Clerk’s salary) £195.00
  8. g) Ben Taft – reimbursement for Christmas tree skirt £25.10


  1. g) to approve payments of donations

1) Ashford Cricket Club                                                                           £100.00

2) Bakewell & Eyam Community Transport                                £200.00

3) War Memorial Institute                                                            £100.00

4) Post Office (War Memorial Institute)                                      £200.00

5) Ashford Well Dressings                                                           £100.00

6) Helen’s Trust                                                                            £100.00        


3)   to acknowledge receipt of payments:

  1. a)   Honesty box takings £320.00


143.20          Correspondence: None requiring action.


144.20             Date of Next Meeting: The next meeting will take place on

Thursday 14th December 2021. A decision will be made nearer the time as to whether this will take place in the War Memorial Institute, or via Zoom.