Illegal tree works to protected trees

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Dear Parish Councillors,

Since the increase in energy prices, there has a been a distinct increase in illegal tree work in the National Park as a source of firewood.  Some illegal tree work has been carried out within village Conservation Areas.

We would like to bring this matter to the attention of the Parish Councils and village residents.

Trees are protected in many ways.  They can be protected by Tree Preservation Orders, Conservation Areas, Planning Conditions and the Wildlife and Countryside Act so we would recommend people always to check with us before carrying out any tree works.

Much of the work carried out would not have been objected to by the National Park Tree Conservation Officers and would have been supported. There could have been grant aid towards good tree care but, sadly, important and attractive trees that add to the quality of all our lives have been disfigured, or sometimes completely lost.

The tree team in the National Park’s Environment and Economy Service endeavour to operate a pragmatic customer focused service.  Our objective is to encourage good tree management and care.  Our aim is to retain important trees in our villages with minimum fuss and maximum encouragement.

Over the past months we have had to take to task members of the public who have carried out illegal tree works.  This is not a pleasant experience for the tree owner, contractor or ourselves.  It is worth noting that fines of up to £20,000 can be incurred.

We would like to ask you to publish this letter in your parish magazines for the information of your  parishioners.  We can also make this letter available electronically if you have websites etc.

The National Park Authority tree team can be contacted on 01629 816200.  Our advice and service is free and impartial, and no query is too small.



Dave Goodwin and Dave Frost

Tree Conservation Officers

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