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As you may have seen on the news, natural environmental disasters are occurring more frequently. A natural environmental disaster includes, flooding of properties, high winds causing severe structural damage, or severe winter storms, , it may only be a matter of time before our Parish is affected with such an event? Assistance from the Authorities will be limited, or delayed.   The Parish Council has therefore formed a new Flood Emergency Committee to coordinate a community response to any such emergency within the Parish and outlying areas. The Committee is currently made up of local volunteers, assisted by the Environment Agency (EA) and Derbyshire County Council (DCC). The committee held it’s first meeting on the 2nd December and was attended by Mr Ellis from the EA and Victoria Raiment from the DDC Environmental Services Department. Mr Robert Ackeroyd, was voted as Secretary, Mr David Lockwood as Treasurer and myself (Bill Dinley) as Chairman. The meeting agreed on the following course of action.


  1. To establish a Community Emergency Plan.
  2. Form a ‘Community Resilience Team’
  3. Procure equipment required.


  1. Community Emergency Plan- A plan is currently being formulated and compiled in partnership with the EA. The plan will detail the community response before, during and after an incident. Completion date of the plan is expected to be in late February 2014 and will be available to view on the Parish Council website at www.ashford-in-the-water-pc.co.uk along with minutes of the Flood Emergency Committee meetings. Further information will also be available in the Parish Magazine.


  1. Community Resilience Team- In order to coordinate a local response to a natural environmental emergency a Community Resilience Team made up of local volunteers needs to be established. Mr David Lockwood has kindly agreed to collate the names of volunteers wishing to assist. Should you wish to offer your services there are 3 categories A, B & C to differentiate the type of assistance that you may want to volunteer for. The categories are detailed below;


  1. Members of the Community that can perform non hazardous manual tasks, such as deploying flood prevention equipment, assisting vulnerable members of the community with moving personal possessions, clearing of debris and flood-water, assisting with road closures and other general non hazardous tasks. Health & Safety of the Team will be paramount.


  1. Members of the Community that can assist in providing refreshments and assist at the rest centre, which is currently at the Old School House on Buxton road.


  1. Members of the Community and holiday homeowners that can assist by providing safe temporary accommodation for local residents who have been affected by an environmental disaster.


A training and flood awareness day will be arranged later in the year. We are hoping to get volunteers from the local community and surrounding areas. Your support will be greatly appreciated, especially by vulnerable members of our community that may need your help. If you wish to offer your services please contact David on Telephone 01629 813659 or email- davidvlockwood@gmail.com  providing your name, contact number and Category of assistance that you can provide.


  1. Procuring Equipment – It is essential that volunteers who are willing to help be provided with suitable equipment to carry out non-hazardous tasks. The EA and DCC have offered items, such as High Visibility Jackets, waders and finance to assist in the purchase a trailer, which will be used to store and transport the equipment to the affected area. This is currently being researched by Mr James Lamb (Riverside Hotel) and hopefully will be completed by the end of February. Mr Brocklehurst at Highfield Farm has kindly offered a safe storage site for the trailer.


The committee are also looking into the possibility of purchasing portable flood barriers that could be deployed at various locations in the village to control flood waters from the tops, or from the river. These items of equipment are expensive therefore further research is required to ensure they are fit for purpose.


A training / information evening will be arranged later in the year involving the EA and will be open to all parishioners to explain the Community Emergency Plan and the response in the event of an environmental incident affecting our Parish. Details will be promulgated via the Parish Magazine and Parish Council Website.


The Environment Agency and Derbyshire County Council are interested and supportive to this local initiative, I hope that we as a community will give it the support it needs to achieve a cohesive and safe response to any environmental disaster that may be befall our parish. Should you wish to offer support, or comments on any of the matters highlighted above please contact me, your input will be greatly appreciated.


Bill Dinley

Chairman Flood Emergency Committee


(Telephone- 07779265559  email- bill.dinley@ic24.net)

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