Flood Emergency Committee Update

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The Flood Committee met on the 15th October 2014 to discuss developments of flood prevention and flood mitigation in Ashford and the surrounding area. Over the past few years we have had very few problems with fluvial flooding. The flow of water past the bridge has improved since the Environment Agency’s regular clearing of the flood channel, the renovation of the Old Ashford Mill and the de-silting of the lakes down river. However, we are still concerned should the Sheep Wash Bridge arches get blocked by debris, this would have consequences for the village. The Flood Committee along with the Riverside Hotel are trying to reduce the risk by pursuing various methods of keeping the bridge clear of debris and improving the flow of water.

Surface water flooding still remains a problem; Church Street was exposed to a flash flood in September due to heavy rainfall . The Parish Council had a special meeting to try to resolve the problem of blocked gullies, which were the cause. Derbyshire County Council responsible for the cleaning of drains and gullies were contacted, some of the gullies were cleaned following the flood. However, some work still needs to be done, including the clearing of the ditch on Pennyunk Lane. We are in close contact with the County who are now providing support. They provided a plan of all drains and gullies in our area, which we used to identify the problem locations. We are closely monitoring the situation and have requested a site meeting with senior managers to ensure our concerns and wishes are met.

A Flood Trailer has been purchased and will be housed at the Riverside Hotel, courtesy of Mr James Lamb. The trailer will contain various items of equipment that will be needed during and after an incident. This will include a generators, lighting, submersible pumps, brooms, shovels etc. These items are currently being purchased. The Parish Council, Environment Agency and Derbyshire County Council in partnership are financing this project. However, we desperately need volunteers to act as an Emergency Team. We have a few volunteers but need more, so please if you live in, or near the village and are prepared to offer assistance. Please drop me an email, or text with your name and contact number. A training evening will be arranged once all equipment has been purchased and the Community Flood Plan has been completed.

A Community Flood plan has been formulated in partnership with Environment Agency and Derbyshire County Council. The Plan will give us some structured response in the event of a local environmental incident. The Plan will be available shortly on the Parish Council Website www.ashford-in-the-water-pc.co.uk

Although we are endeavouring to reduce the risk and minimise the effects of flooding, parishioners are reminded that our properties are also our own responsibility. It would be most helpful if properties exposed to potential flooding had flood boards etc. as sandbags are not readily available and require a lot of manpower to deploy. You are strongly advised to visit the Environment Agency Website https://www.gov.uk/prepare-for-a-flood for advice. I shall keep you updated as the above issues progress.

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